Hi. My name is Lee Nau. I live in the Silicon Valley. I’m primarily a front-end software engineer. I’m originally from Idaho.

I listen to a lot of music, watch movies of all kinds, and write reviews about them.

Here are ten random facts about me.

  1. I love Python.
  2. I’m learning Angular, Ember, Meteor, Backbone, D3, and Node.
  3. I’m working on some themes for Pelican, the blogging engine that powers this site.
  4. I’m an avid novice.
  5. I am a sporadic blogger.
  6. I read too many RSS feeds.
  7. I play piano, guitar, and woodwinds.
  8. I spend a lot of time on my rowing machine.
  9. I do a lot of courses and tutorials online.
  10. I wish I spoke all the languages I took classes in.

Disclaimer: This website is my personal blog and any thoughts, opinions, or positions I express here are solely mine. I do not speak for any entity — whether corporate, private, or governmental — in any capacity whatsoever.