Goals for 2016

There's something about the beginning of the year that opens up the possibility of change (and reevaluating old projects and behaviors). In the spirit of aspiration, I am posting my goals for 2016.

16 Goals for 2016

  • Redesign 50 Words.
  • Write at least 26 posts here.
  • Migrate 50 Words to Pelican.
  • Row at least one million meters.
  • Read 26 useful non-fiction books.
  • Learn more about business and marketing.
  • Complete at least 26 courses on Lynda.com.
  • Get a Scrum Alliance ScrumMaster Certification.
  • Listen to at least 26 albums I've never heard before.
  • Log at least 366 hours of practice time on my guitar.
  • Sell my extra media (CDs, books, DVDs) on Amazon.
  • Finish building a tool to manage the Nominee Project.
  • Travel to a place I haven't been to before at least once.
  • Get in touch with at least 26 people from my professional network.
  • Attend at least 26 networking events (and follow up with people I meet there).
  • Write product documents (PRD, GTM plan, opportunity assessment, etc) for my personal projects and track them in Asana.

Maybe I should track these in a project management tool and work up a calendar. Here we go!

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