Important Languages

I'm planning on travelling very soon. It's been a long time since I have left the United States. So, in order to prepare myself for my future travels, I am making a list of the languages I either need to brush up or learn, so that my travel experience can go as smoothly as possible. I can't expect everyone to be able to speak to me in English, just because I carry a US Passport.

  1. French - The language of France, Monaco, Quebec, Switzerland, part of Belgium, Luxembourg, various former colonies in Africa and the Caribbean.
  2. Spanish - The language of all of Latin America except Brazil, as well as Spain and Andorra.
  3. German - The language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, as well as a well-studied language in other countries nearby.
  4. Arabic - The lingua franca of all of North Africa, the Middle East, and Muslim countries everywhere.
  5. Mandarin - The most-spoken language in the world, useful in China and in nearby countries.
  6. Portuguese - The language of Portugal, Brazil, Angola, and Mozambique, as well as various former colonies.
  7. Russian - The language of Russia and a second language in many places formerly behind the Iron Curtain.
  8. Italian - The language of Italy, San Marino, and Switzerland.
  9. Greek - The language of Greece and Cyprus.

Fortunately, I have books and I have signed up for an account on Mango, which includes all of these languages and more.

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